thai herbal compress

Thai herbal compress ball (luk pra kob)

Steamed, baseball sized bundles of raw herbs are used on the body in place of hands, offering a broad, gentle yet firm pressure and rapid pain relief. Lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, and many other traditional herbs in the compress ball along with the heat soften and relax muscular and fascial tissue much more rapidly than thru massage alone, leaving you relaxed and centered. You may keep the herb balls after the treatment if you like. The compresses are reusable for about a week after first use. They need to be stored in your refrigerator. Reheat them for topical aches and pains, or put them in the bath for a full body herbal treatment. PLEASE NOTE: I will bring my own heating equipment and will need access to an electrical outlet and running water.


gua sha

Gua Sha

This ancient Chinese scraping technique uses a stone, spoon-like tool to remove and disperse adhesions, scar tissue, and stagnation. The name translates to “scraping wind”, which, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), manifests as dry, achey pain and stiffness. This treatment leaves markings resembling rug burn and bruising, which typically resolve within 3-5 days.







Hot & Cold Stone

While typically regarded as a luxury service, this soothing and restoring treatment has been used traditionally in varying forms across the world. Heated basalt stones are glided quickly across the body, releasing deep tension with light to moderate pressure. Cold marble stones are used intermittently on problem areas, or alternated with heat on for rejuvenative relaxation.




Probably most well known for the large, circular marks it leaves, this ancient Chinese therapy makes use of suctioned, silicon cups to draw stagnation to the surface of the body for dispersal. This is often used for chronic tension, scar tissue, and adhesion removal, and it promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage. The cups can leave markings far more dramatic than those left by standard gua sha, but they also typically resolve in 3-5 days.




Another timeless modality that has been recently revived, this treatment uses sticks of varying shapes and sizes, made of bamboo and rattan, for deep rolling and gliding of the muscular and fascial tissue. This is particular great for runners, athletes, or anyone with leg concerns, and it can be used for a broader pressure on chronically tight areas.


Chair Massage

Great for groups of people who want to share and receive the benefits of massage therapy. Sessions are typically 10-15 minutes, and are focused on the upper body. Participants remain fully clothed. Add chair massage to your next event, and you will quickly learn that almost everyone loves getting massages. It’s a great way to reward your people for outstanding performance, and it also makes long training sessions and meetings more enjoyable. This form of therapy has been shown to improve productivity and overall satisfaction of employees in the workplace. Meetings, conferences, trainings, conventions… They’re all better with chair massage!